Having the honor to call the North Shore of Oahu home, we do our best each day to live the aloha spirit, be it in our personal lives, and most certainly within our company. 

Our core principles thread through our operations from start to finish:

  1. Live with Integrity
  2. Create Ohana
  3. Share Aloha
  4. Be Socially Responsible 

Our purpose in creating this product was to meet an immediate need, but our vision didn't stop there. Through our product, we aim to:

  • Support people who are living an active lifestyle
  • Celebrate people who are doing what they love
  • Give back to the causes we believe in


The North Shore Lifeguard Association was founded in 1996 by the Honolulu City and County Lifeguards who work and live in district three (North Shore, Oahu Beaches). The club was organized to help fulfill the need for ocean safety and lifesaving education within the North Shore community